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Private Training with Grandmaster Dennis Rogers

Dennis Rogers was aound 4’ 11” and 79 pounds when he entered high school. Sick of being bullied, he began gobbling protein and other supplements and lifted weights to gain size and strength. Despite his efforts, by the time he reached his junior year he tipped the scales at a mere 88 pounds. But it wasn’t long before Dennis realized that it isn’t the size of the man that dictates his strength.

Previous to that point, Dennis had lived his life with self-imposed limits. Fear and doubt had dictated his path, but with a new perspective came great change. On November 8, 1975, just one day shy of his 18th birthday, Dennis captured the East Coast Arm-Wrestling Championship (for his weight) in Baltimore Maryland. From that point on he won some 60 awards in arm-sports, including the National, U.S. Open and the World Arm-Wrestling Championships. Dennis retired from arm-wrestling in the late 1980’s with a new focus to test his overall strength. After reading an article about a “pocket sized” vaudeville strongman, the Mighty Atom, he became fascinated with performing feats of strength. By the early 90’s he had developed a whole repertoire of feats, and after a successful appearance at the annual gathering of the Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen he was established as a performing strongman. It was also where he met a man who would later become his mentor in the strength business, Lawrence Farman, a.k.a Slim the Hammer Man, the protege of the Mighty Atom.

By 1993, Dennis stopped two US Air Force T-34 Aircraft (285 horsepower each) from taking off, earning him “The Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen’s Super-Strength Athlete Award.” In 1995, he successfully prevented four Harley Davidson motorcycles from moving at full throttle for 12 seconds. In 1998, he bent a ½ inch thick, 17.25 inch long steel bar around his neck into a “U” shape, and in 2001, he went on to bend an 8 inch adjustable wrench into the shape of an “S” – another incredible feat that earned him worldwide credibility. These are just a handful of his legendary feats of strength. Lest we forget his one-arm curl of 98 pounds x 10 reps performed at a bodyweight of 148 pounds! The late famed strength historian Vic Boff stated, “Considering the history of physical culture and the great strong men related to that history, Dennis Rogers without a doubt is one of the strongest athletes ever in the realm of human strength.”

For decades Dennis has traveled the world performing amazing feats of strength, and at 60 years old he is still going strong. In addition, he has mentored many of today’s top performing strongmen. The question now is:

Who Will Be Next?

Now YOU Can Learn Directly from the Grandmaster- live and in person, as he teaches the ins-and-outs of mastering a variety of feats of strength like bending spikes and steel bars, twisting horseshoes, tearing decks of cards, and driving a nail through a piece of construction lumber with one blow of your fist!

But that’s not all! Find out how Dennis brought his talent to the big stage and the techniques that made him the most successful vaudeville-style strongman in the last 50 years.

For more information email: dr@88pounds.com

“Mighty Mike” Johns is just one of Dennis’ many successful students.

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