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Private Training with Grandmaster Dennis Rogers

On October 23, 2010, Dennis was honored with the following presentation made by Arthur Drechsler, President of the highly respected Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen

“To Dennis Rogers, Guest of Honor. U.S. and World Arm-Wrestling Champion, World Famous Strongman, Television Star Worldwide, Keeper of the Flame of Oldetime Strongmanism, and Instructor to the Rising Stars of Tomorrow… with Appreciation for Your Great Talent and Dedication, We Proudly Confer our Highest Achievement Award.”

There is always talk about Mentors. I’d like to take a moment and tell you about mine. By chance, I was introduced to the Strongman world in 1992 and met Dennis Rogers. Many believe Dennis is the best of all time for what he does. Understand the title Grandmaster strongman is earned over a period of years as well as through accomplishment. I would like to honor that.

A legitimate World Champion before getting into the strongman realm, I think of Dennis as the Bruce Lee of Strength. Yes, he performed at a record-setting level but also accumulated vast knowledge that allowed him to be a great innovator. Dennis created his own ‘laboratory of strength’ to not only build super-human power but to carefully and creatively come up with new, never-seen-before ways to display strength.

And just like Bruce Lee was, Dennis is a TEACHER. By assessing a person’s physical traits and desire to learn, he gives precise direction. As his 1st student, he took my considerable limitations and helped me craft feats that fit my personal goals. Along the way, he has also lent his expertise to World Champions from different sports to help them become strong in ways traditional training fell short.

As a performer, Dennis has displayed his rare strength literally THOUSANDS of times around the world and many of those performances delivered Life Changing Messages to his audiences.

Dennis Rogers Preventing Two U.S. Air Force T-34 Aircraft From Taking Off!

He has shown strength from so many different angles it boggles the mind– just consider that he held back two US Air Force T-34 planes from taking off, and hoisted a full-size refrigerator with just 1 finger. But many have never seen him actually ‘lift weights’. On numerous occasions I witnessed him take a 100 pound dumbbell, brace the back of his arm against an incline bench so he couldn’t ‘swing’ the weight, then perform repetition single arm Curls! And he did it at a bodyweight of around 155 pounds!

And I can keep going about all the work he’s done with inner city kids who call him ‘Pops’ but I would end up writing a book. Dennis’ humility is not weakness, it’s strength. He has earned my total respect as a man as he teaches by his actions as well as his words.

Now I have some wonderful news. You too can study with the Grandmaster! That’s right, you have the opportunity to learn directly from Dennis, and train one-on-one in his private studio in Houston, Texas.

My hope is that everyone reading this can be as fortunate as me, and will take advantage of the amazing opportunity. We all have special teachers along the way but a true mentor is someone of the highest value. 




Do You Have What It Takes?

(Dennis Believes You Do!)

The Mighty Atom (a.k.a. Joseph Greenstein) built a rewarding career as the greatest vaudeville strongman of his era. Encouraged by his mentor, his protégé Lawrence Farman (a.k.a. Slim the Hammer Man) carried on the tradition, reaching legendary status. Before long, from that lineage would arise an unlikely heir

When Dennis Rogers became interested in feats of strength he was around 22. Standing 5’ 9” – 127 pounds, he certainly didn’t look like strongman material. Yet, for over 3 decades he has astonished the world with his legendary feats of strength. Millions have witnessed his incredible performances.

Now YOU can learn directly from the Grandmaster, live and in person, as he teaches YOU the ins-and-outs of mastering a variety of feats of strength including: 

  • Bending tough steel spikes
  • Twisting horseshoes
  • Tearing decks of plastic coated poker cards
  • Scrolling Steel Bars
  • Driving a nail through a piece of lumber with one blow of your fist
  • And More! 

Wait… that’s not all! Find out how Dennis brought his talent to the big stage and how he became the most successful vaudeville style strongman show in the last half century, both financially and in popularity.

Plus, learn the secret mental and physical techniques and exercises of some of the greatest strongman in history!

This Training Is Not Just For Aspiring Performing Strongmen and Strongwomen

It’s for Anyone Who Wants to Learn the Methods that Dennis and the Strength Stars of Yesteryear Used to Produce Super-Human Displays of Strength!

Just asked Harinder Singh Sabharwal, President & Chief Training Officer of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association:

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