J.C. Tolson

The-Mighty_ApollonThe story goes that eighteen year old, J.C. Tolson, became so inspired to perform strongman feats after seeing a circus strongman perform near his home, that he immediately went home and tried to bend a kitchen poker. Although he failed, his father was so impressed by his efforts that he purchased his son “a number of Physical Culture books, which were studied with assiduous care.”

J.C. went on to become known as “The Mighty Apollon.” His feats included lifting a 91 ½ pound ring weight overhead with his pinky finger, bending a 7/16″ mild steel square bar measuring 9 ¾” long into a “U” shape, tearing packs of playing cards into quarters and driving 6” nails through a plank with his bare hands- and then pulling them out with his teeth!

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